Perfectionism - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…. Is There A Good?

Perfectionism, Perfectly Perfect….

Perfect, a state which presupposes that a person, thing or circumstance has all the desirable traits, characteristics or attitudes necessary to be considered final or done or complete.   It is synonymous to the thought of being the very best… no room for improvement. Indicating no more is needed.  No growth? No change? No tweak!  

Perfection is that absolute and superlative form of aesthetics based on an impression or...

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Executive Functions - What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

Everything in life is a process - a dynamic interplay of events, each facilitating and interacting with the next… its taking parts and making it whole…taking strengths and bringing order from chaos.  As a whole our lives can find balance, joy, order, and  achievement, yet in isolation singular moments or events have less meaning.  It's the context of WHOLE that makes it what it is and gives us the resulting Life we are Living.   

This is what...

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Struggling with Time Management?

Time Blindness?  

What is it and how does it relate to ADHD 

We are so connected to time yet so disconnected from time.  Time has been sneaking around and baffling us for centuries.  Time is the topic of so many conversations, phrases, books, and articles.  It has shown itself to be incredibly important to us through the generations, have you ever noticed how many quotes there are related to time?  

“Time heals all wounds”   ...

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