Certified ADHD Life Coach

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How Annamarie Works

  • She uses a dynamic collaborative process to work with her clients towards a better understanding of their unique brain wiring.  
  • She guides them to master their learning, achieve their goals, and reach their potential.
  • She uses a strengths-based approach which focuses on talents and strengths in order to help her clients manage their lives, increase productivity, or achieve whatever goals they design.
  • Annamarie works from the perspective of the growth mindset and guides her clients to do the same when approaching change in their lives. This fosters resilience and empowerment which paves the path to success.
  • Key components of how she works involve developing self awareness and the growth mindset.
  • Her background in nursing brings a holistic understanding to the coaching process

Who does Annamarie work with

  • Annamarie partners with individuals and families to improve their lives through coaching around the ADHD traits that prevent them from achieving their goals.

  • She works with professionals, students, creatives, adolescents, or any individual who is seeking something different in their lives.

  • Annamarie also works with neurotypicals on Life Coaching for career development, personal growth, and the pursuit of happiness

What do Annamarie and her clients work on? 

Annamarie and her client’s partner to work on any aspect of their lives, such as career, family and home life, work, relationships, organization/prioritizing, creative projects, sports goals and setting goals for attainment in any area of life.

Together they tackle any area of struggle 

  • Improving executive function skills (focus, organization, time management, prioritization, and planning)
  • Creating goals
  • Defining strategies and timelines
  • Brainstorming for problem solving and clarity
  • Academics
  • Impulsivity
  • Emotional regulation
  • Social skills
  • Mindfulness and self awareness.

She stays abreast of the latest research though her memberships in key ADHD organizations.

Annamarie’s Credentials

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing - Seton Hall University in New Jersey
  • Master of Science degree in Nursing, Family Practice Nurse Practitioner (almost complete) William Paterson University in New Jersey 
  • Working toward further education in Mental Wellness 
  • Research project regarding health care providers knowledge of ADHD 
  • Life Coach Training - ADD Coach Academy 
  • Advanced Coach Training - ADD Coach Academy
  • ADHD Coach Training - ADD Coach Academy
  • Coaching Executive Function Skills - Seeing My Time, Marydee Sklar 
  • Family ADHD Coach Training - Iact Center for ADHD Coaching


The best way to predict your future is to create it.... 
-Abraham Lincoln


Annamarie Marino BSN RN PCAC ACC
PAAC Certified Professional ADHD Coach
ICF Credentialed Life Coach 
SMT Trained Executive Function Coach 
New Jersey Coaching Services
Life Coach Specializing in ADHD
Believe you can and Trust what Comes 
201 618 3886



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