Struggling with Time Management?

Time Blindness?  

What is it and how does it relate to ADHD 

We are so connected to time yet so disconnected from time.  Time has been sneaking around and baffling us for centuries.  Time is the topic of so many conversations, phrases, books, and articles.  It has shown itself to be incredibly important to us through the generations, have you ever noticed how many quotes there are related to time?  

“Time heals all wounds”    “Time flies”  

As William Shakespeare once said, Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late”. 

Time is gold, as many people have said before us…... To say that time is the best teacher, is to quote Pericles, Delmore Schwartz, Rodin, and Aeschylus who said simultaneously…. 

“Time is the wisest counselor of all”    “Time is the school in which we learn”  or   “Time is the fire in which we burn”.

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely”   and “Time, as he grows old, teaches many lessons”.

“In due time” 

We use time to describe things or ideas… “that is timeless”  

To Personify…. “Father time” 

I found the below quote on which  to me was  quite intriguing and shows the many faces of time.  

The Value of Time

Time is like gold…..“Time is money”    “Don’t waste time”    “ A stitch in time saves nine” 

Time is a word that is thrown around and used so frequently;  defined by counting the seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years. It is something which is measured in such a way that people move or perform on the stage of life according to time.  Does time control us or do we control time??  We  have all the time in this world until we don’t……...

Tick-tock:  Time Chauvinism 

Time Chauvinism is refusing to believe that our time has limits…. or the value in timeliness…. Or that time is irrelevant or maybe that time does not exist at all apart from 

being a word or measurement. ...Meanwhile... time blindness is being unable to see and sense time.  Time blindness is about moving through life without the awareness of time in our moments, days, weeks and beyond. It's about being aware of time, yes, but not connected to time in our world in the way we need to be.

Tick-tock: Time Management

Time management is measured by the use of our time; are we using it “wisely”, are we scheduling ourselves appropriately, and not ‘wasting” it.  It assumes that there are essential and nonessential parts of our day.  It considers tasks and if we “fit” them into our day in a productive manner we are “managing our time”.  Being able to juggle different aspects of our lives and manage the time within…. such as work, home, school, leisure.  This is no easy task for many of us especially those who experience what we have nicknamed “Time Blindness”  

Time Blindness Explained for ADHD 

We have gotten so busy collectively as a society, this has impacted many people and their relationship to time.  We race through life not being aware of our time and how we are using it.

When we cannot fully grasp the essence of time with relation to our lives, when it's a struggle to manage our time, and be productive, reach our goals, and make it on time to our appointments we say that we are not good at “time management”.  This impacts many people, those with ADHD and those who have executive function struggles… even those with neither.

Time management is an essential executive function skill…. The  frontal lobes of the brain are involved in having a good sense of time.  ADHD Key

It is very important to set goals and priorities in life and to have the awareness of where you are “spending” your time.  This is how we achieve things and reach our goals.

Time blindness can refer to the impact of not being able to “see” or “sense” time in our lives.  When we cannot see or sense it…. How can we possibly manage it?  We need specific techniques and strategies…. I call this “defying time blindness”  

Defying Time Blindness an ADHD Tool.  This skill is absolutely necessary in order to be on track with deadlines, show up to appointments on time, complete work and be 

productive towards one's goals in life.  For example, seeing and knowing clearly what time it is at the moment, deducting how much time is left to do a chore or activity and realizing how much time is passing us by are the key components of a good “sense of time”.  

Those with ADHD and or executive function struggles are not aware of the tick-tocking of the clock and as a result, struggle with seeing, planning, and  using time effectively.  Some truly cannot do this, cannot “see time” in order to plan or feel “in tune with time”.    

Time is just that time; it is not flexible, bendable, stretchable or moveable…. “Time marches on”  this is very true.  We cannot squeeze more into our day simply because we want to or because we need to reach certain goals.  

Here are some quick ideas to Defy Time Blindness

Simple ways to help you improve your relationship with time. 

  • Begin to pay attention to how long things take - developing a “sense” of time is key to understanding what changes you need to make
  • Generally speaking if you have ADHD double the time you “think” something takes, we underestimate all the time.
  • Understand your “time suck” activities - do not allow yourself to do them unless you have abundant space in your day -  even better plan for them.
  • Don’t forget to add in other parts of time that we do not usually consider, such as driving to and from, waiting on lines, getting dressed and out the door.
  • Learn time priorities by setting alarms, timers, and reminders - try your phone or external items.

My favorite Gadgets! 

ADHD Key! Enjoy your free time.  Make room for fun!  Remember that we need fun and playfulness and freedom around our time too….

Whether you have ADHD or you don’t you can create a power play for yourself around time.   Develop your awareness of time, externalize your time, use clocks, timers, reminders, and loved ones to help you.  Time needs your attention and effort.  Follow the simple steps above to get started.  Message me if there is  something I can do to help.  As always, I am here for you.

Love to all,


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