Should I Hire an ADHD Life Coach?


Should I hire an ADHD Life Coach?  Many of my clients come to me because of that initial question.  Here are some things that may help you answer that question for yourself more easily but first, an understanding of what ADHD Life Coaching is, how it works, and why it works! 

ADHD Life Coaching is powerful!  And it does work.  I know because I see it and experience it every day both on a personal and a professional level. 

What is ADHD Life Coaching?  ADHD Life Coaching is one modality of treatment for those struggling to manage the traits of ADHD.  Many ADHD Coaches are also Life Coaches, but not all.  I happen to be an ADHD Life Coach.  What this means is that I have an understanding of and utilize the concepts and exercises from Life Coaching alongside the deep understanding of ADHD and how it shows up in a person's life.  

I am aware of the many nuanced challenges that are common among those struggling with ADHD.  As an ADHD Life Coach, I also have a wide perspective of tools, strategies, and processes that work most often.

There is great variability among those with ADHD and very often this is governed by situational and environmental components.  ADHD is unique for each person!   Working in the coaching conversation is the best way for these nuances to come out.  ADHD impacts each person differently and that is why in my opinion, the Life Coaching aspect is also important.  

How does ADHD Life coaching work? What does it look like?  What can I expect? These are a few of the most common questions I get asked by my prospective clients.  

A big part of ADHD Life Coaching is learning more about yourself, how you learn & process information, and how you need to operate.  We do this by uncovering your strengths and values, as well as through a variety of coaching exercises that give you focus and clarity.  We have weekly sessions, email/text/quick call check-ins as needed for accountability.  Together we collaborate to create systems - strategies - tools that work for you specifically……For your unique ways of being and needs.  When you create processes and work WITH your brain you can move forward towards your goals with much more grace and ease.  

All the while we are building a greater understanding of ADHD in general and what traits challenge you the most.  In addition, we create ways to prevent obstacles such as procrastination and perfectionism.


You can click here to download a free copy of  What is ADHD Coaching for more information to help you know if coaching is right for you.


Here is a quick glimpse of some items we work on together.  Let's talk and I can share more details on what this could look like for you. (Click to schedule a time to talk)


The coaching usually flows organically and naturally with each client … this is not linear!

  • Strengths
  • ADHD Challenge aspects
  • Executive functions skill building
  • Filling Needs
  • Core Values
  • Setting Intentions
  • Remembering Successes
  • Habits and Routines
  • Accountability 

There is so much more to ADHD Coaching than can be described in these pages…… click here to find out more….

ADHD Life Coaching works! One of the reasons ADHD Life Coaching is so effective is related to the built-in pause and opportunity to reflect on what is happening in our lives in the moment in real-time.  


Having a person in your corner who has a strong understanding of ADHD, what it looks like in a person's life, how it affects goals and achievements….having someone to brainstorm, collaborate and process through thoughts and ideas with can be priceless.  


ADHD Life Coaching brings focus and clarity to our goals and actions.  It gives us the gift of a deeper understanding of ourselves and what we value in life.  When we have these things we can make choices that align more with who we really are and want to be.  Life becomes life with grace and ease.  We really begin to thrive instead of just surviving.

An ADHD Coach is often a Life Coach who has specialized training in helping those with managing their ADHD traits.  ADHD Coaches are not always Life Coaches, however, they both work for the purpose of helping clients create individual plans to manage their traits, improve their lives, and reach their goals. 

Many coaches work to maintain a level of excellence in their professional development which is very commendable.  Coaches are an incredible group of people!  Many Life Coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation, an organization for coaches and coaching that sets standards and guidelines for practice.  


In terms of ADHD Coaching, many ADHD Coaches are also certified. The Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC), is an organization for ADHD Coaches and ADHD Coaching that sets standards and guidelines through their credentialing process.  


Working with an ADHD Life Coach is a great opportunity to build new habits and routines that are specific to you and your life.  Specific to your job, your work environment, your likes/dislikes, your relationships,  and your very unique and special ADHD brain.  We are all different, thank GOD! Imagine how boring it would be if we were all the same!


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