Finding Your Holiday Bliss



Whew…really?   How do we do this?? Holiday Bliss?  Is that even possible?  Sounds like it should be easy, but is it?  What does it actually mean?  Many of us do not even know because we just automatically connect to the busy energy of the holiday season.....   


With the whirlwind of the holiday season and all that goes along with it such as holiday shopping, wrapping, doing, and going non-stop, we can lose sight of what's really important.  Many of us are also trying to make up for "missing out" on our celebrations over the past few years when we did not get to have our heart-felt traditions or spend time with those we love.  In doing this we create more work and pressure for ourselves.  We can very easily get lost in all of this and obscure our vision with the massive to-do lists and holiday events and the expectations that we put on ourselves. 


We easily fall into the trap of holiday frenzy forgetting the simple things that help us to stay grounded and in the precious present.   Finding our holiday bliss…. could simply be as simple as slowing down in order to see clearly and to know what we really want to experience this Christmas and New Year.  Slowing down to see and know WHO we are inside in order to choose more authentically how we spend our time and with whom....

 What happens when we more intentionally create the holiday experience that we desire??  Could we actually create our own Holiday Bliss?  

The answer is YES!  If…. we know what we want and what we want to experience.  Here are a few tips to get you started in creating the holiday season you actually want to experience…


  • Take a breath… slow down and just breathe… allow yourself to have space in your day.  Allow the time to think, journal, talk, or write down what you want.  When you do this, you slow down enough to come from a place of choice rather than automatic or impulse or just doing…


Become Mindfully Aware right now…..

  •  Set the intention - of what you want this Christmas and New Year - What do you want to experience?  Do you want to see certain people?  Do you want to go to certain places? What do you want to do?  Get clear on the things you want to do and who you want to be with and schedule it to make it happen.


  • Get organized - create your list of things but keep it realistic.  How much time do you actually have?  Is it possible to go to 5 different events?  Maybe so but would it be the experience you want to have?  Or would it bring more overwhelm and chaos?  


  • Prioritize - build your task list off of what you want to experience.  If you want peace and calm, do you really want to plan 2 or 3 parties to host?  If you want to keep yourself healthy, will you choose to spend time and energy baking 20 different kinds of cookies?  Or would 3 or 4 be fun and enjoyable? 


Choose your guiding Mantra for the Holiday Season…. choose one that aligns with your intention….  here are a few examples


If you want more peace and calm…. “I am centered and calm no matter what is happening around me”


If you want more joy…… “I am grateful for all of the abundance around me”


If you want more fun…… “Life is easy and fun.  I choose to have fun”


If you want to be more discerning and less busy…….I stay connected to myself and choose from my heart”


If you want to feel healthy and energetic……”I am honoring my body by choosing healthy foods and drinks.  I eat and drink in moderation”


So in a nutshell…. slow down and come from a place of choice this holiday season… Decide who you are and who you get to be, allow that to determine how you spend your precious time and energy this holiday.  


Discover what a difference this will be and how much more you will enjoy the moments of Christmas and New Year. 


For more help with Creating Your Holiday Bliss click the link below to download a free worksheet to help you walk through the process!

Creating Your Holiday Bliss

All the Best to you,



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