ADHD Can Affect the Whole Family Here is What You Can Do About it Right NOW.

The impact ADHD has on families varies greatly as we are all different and unique.  Each family has a special blend of individuals with different likes, dislikes, passions, values, ways of being, and ways they learn and grow.  Additionally, we are all connected…. No one is an island unto himself.

The trickle-down effect we all have on those around us is real.   With that said, one person's success can elevate the whole family while the flip side of that is....... one person's struggle can bring the whole family down.  When we add in the parental worry that comes with raising kids with ADHD the whole family feels it.  

Moreover, when one or more parents also have ADHD or ADHD-like traits it complicates the family dynamic further.

Parents raising kids with ADHD are exhausted, stressed, and frustrated.  We are juggling work, home life, the marital relationship, parenting the other children in the family and we are stretched thin.  When we also have ADHD and are lacking in certain skills of our own it creates the chaos that many families with ADHD experience. 

When parents are also struggling with some of their own ADHD traits, the challenges can feel insurmountable.   

Whether the struggle is with your child's behavior at home or school, academics, oppositional tendencies, hyperactivity, disorganization, or even emotional regulation this will have an effect on each person in the family.  As  parents we are working overtime to manage it all and often feel ineffective, inconsistent,  or we run out energy.  We often just don’t know what to do anymore.  This affects how we interact with the non-ADHD children in the family and our spouses.  

Many times communication is off and family members are hurting.  All of the relationships within the family are affected.   

 Raising kids is hard, raising a child with ADHD is even harder.  I know I get it… it's no easy task!   But you can persevere and do this.  You are resilient - as are your amazing children.  I know both personally and professionally how exhausting and stressful this cycle can be.  But remember (and you may have to dig down into your memory to find it, there are also fun, spontaneity, and joyful parts too. 

 YOU CAN DO THIS!  So give yourself some credit, right here and right now…Take a moment and a deep breath… and tell yourself I CAN DO THIS!

Here are some power-packed tips and strategies to help you parent your ADHD child with grace and ease.......AND it all starts with you. 


Here are 3  things you can do right now to improve family life with ADHD.  Changes that will move you from survival to thriving well and It's super simple….all about mindfulness, self-care, and having enough of the right support.


Remember the strengths, theirs and yours….

Hit the pause button whenever you need it….  Pausing to take a breath and remind yourself of your strengths and that you got this.  Mindset is one of the most powerful tools you can use in any aspect of your life but it's especially powerful in parenting around ADHD.  When we pause to take a breath, and intentionally slow down we can immediately change the direction of our moment, our day, our week and beyond. Remember that what we focus on grows so….what are you focusing on right now?  What would you rather focus on and have more of?  Focus on that and shift your focus.


Hit the pause button to remember your successes…. There's that pause button again!  It really is that powerful.  We need it to survive the difficult and challenging parent moments.  I am certain there are many things you are doing right.  Probably even more than you realize.  Take a moment right now and jot down a few things you have done well with your kids.  There are many - when we take a moment to reflect on them and write them down they solidify in our minds and help us to regain positive energy.


Put your own oxygen mask on first parents!!....  Do what you need to do to be your best self.  What is this for you?  Here are some ideas…. 

Time alone could be…. 

  • taking a walk outside 
  • sitting in your car a bit with the quiet 
  • staying at work an extra 15 minutes to decompress 
  • pulling out your journal, or talking into your voice memo app on your phone.  

Learn how to manage and release your stress… Learn quick simple techniques you can use in the moment like..

  • 3 slow deep breaths 
  • Brisk body movement like jumping jacks
  • 5 minutes of focused meditation 
  • green space-time 
  • meditation apps that have 2-5 minute guided meditations.


Plan time to HAVE FUN….with your spouse or a close friend or even just yourself….  Put it in your calendar to make it happen… 

  • Take yourself out for lunch or coffee 
  • Ladies, get your nails done
  • Get a massage
  • Guys spend time with your friends…. 
  • Get outdoors .. 
  • Do what you love.  Do more and more of it more often!  It really helps!


Have your support at the ready……  Who is on your team?  Spouse? Your mom?  Sister, brother, friend?  Who can you call upon when you need it to vent, brainstorm, problem-solve, and remind you of your awesomeness?  We all need to be reminded of how amazing we really are … even if your brain is telling you otherwise.  And if you are not sure or don’t have a team, try to start to build one.  These are people all around you.  Friends, neighbors, support groups, even Facebook groups, anyone you can call upon.  This will be key for when you feel like nothing is working.  

Find an ADHD professional or specialist….. who can give you professional guidance and support.  Someone who listens and understands the unique challenges inherent with ADHD.  A psychiatrist, pediatrician, psychologist… sometimes a neurologist.  Any of these providers who are available to you to share treatment options, give your guidance on the medical and therapeutic aspects of ADHD.  

Work with an ADHD Parent Coach or work on your own ADHD challenges….. Find someone who really understands the trials and tribulations of ADHD and how it impacts each person.  Learn to parent with grace and ease by working on yourself first.   With an ADHD Coach, you can learn, grow, and be inspired.  You gain a partner in this journey with whom you can share insights, ideas, strategies, and systems that actually work with your unique family.  


Having that kind of support is priceless.  (Contact me for a complimentary consultation)

Join an ADHD Parenting Group Coaching Program like my Online Parent Group Coaching Program A Group Program gives you community and support and this support is often ongoing well after the group has ended.  Find your community, this can make all the difference in how you show up in your life every day to raise your children and enjoy your family.   Working with others experiencing similar struggles can help you to come from a place of understanding and acceptance as you see different perspectives.


Parenting ADHD is a challenge, but with the right support and community, the burden becomes lighter.  Join me on this journey to lighten your load (link to consult)..  Join my parenting group coaching program to share, grow, and learn (link to parenting group coaching program).  



“When one person in the family has ADHD the Whole Family feels it”  

Edward Hallowell 

But it doesn't have to be hard and difficult all the time….. 

Raising a child is hard, yes, raising a child with ADHD can be even harder….. But having a process and a clear system for doing so makes it easier.   ADHD Coaching (link to consultation) helps you to create the process and system to manage your child, yourself as your parent, and your family as a whole.  Let's talk and see how we can create your parenting process and a system to make life more joyful and less stressful and frustrating so you can actually enjoy and feel empowered in your parenting while you create wonderful memories with your family.


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