A collaborative community for adults struggling with the challenges of ADHD.




Learn actionable solutions and tools for dealing with the most common challenges for those with ADHD.



Bring your own perspective to help others and to receive input.



Gain access to our group chat to stay connected.


The ADHD Deep Dive is a group coaching program I created that is designed to build upon any personal work you have already done.  Or...if you are a total newbie that is ok too!  It is designed to meet you where you are. 


It is a truly collaborative and community based program for any adults struggling with the challenges of ADHD.


To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.

Annamarie Marino


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I have compiled a list of topics related to ADHD based on what my clients have shared are the most challenging in their lives.


Topics like....but not limited to.....


Organization - Prioritizing - time management - How to self motivate - building a lifestyle with structure and routine - self talk - growth mindset.....


You bring your own particular perspective to that challenge...  In addition, the group curates its' own topics based on what is happening in their lives at the moment.   I send out a survey before each 6-week block to compile the topic list.  Thus there is a deep dive into the impact ADHD has on our lives.


Working on real-life stuff in real time is exactly what makes ADHD Coaching Work.  Building our community and connection with each other is also why ADHD Group Coaching Works.

In the spirit of community... I also have created a group on "geneva chat" or if my clients prefer (sometimes we use whatsapp) for you all to stay in touch, share resources, brainstorm, create your own working sessions, or whatever you need.  


Each week we will call into question one part of ADHD that is impacting you.  I will share some insights or professional knowledge around the topic (I keep this brief so there is plenty of group coaching time.) 

Then each week you will also be bringing your topic for a deeper dive into ADHD.


Here is what the program looks like: 

  • Small, welcoming group 

  • 60 minutes long on Zoom

  • Coaches Challenge topic

  • Groups Deep Dive topic (curated by the group)

  • Group roundtable coaching

  • Group wrap- ups

  • Shared actions/accountability


Wednesdays, rolling @ 9 am for the Women's Group and 12 noon for the Men's Group EDT

Every week there is deep learning and growing!


Building your support, connection, and community


Address any specific challenges you are facing


The convenience of meeting from your own home on Zoom


Work together and hear other perspectives broadens your view


Whats App Chat Group to stay connected and share resources


Small enough group to connect and large enough to learn and grow


$497.00 every 8 weeks... stay as long as you like.

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